About Us

Our Mission

How AHS Serves Its Members


T he inspiration behind Anabaptist HealthShare is threefold; to share the medical needs of the Anabaptist Community, to provide a qualified HCSM to its members, and most importantly, to provide a hassle-free, pleasant membership experience.

Our History

Serving Individuals, Families, Churches and Businesses


AHS began as an “at-cost” sharing organization which focused on serving domestic and foreign mission organizations. AHS then began experiencing considerable growth as churches and individuals expressed interest in joining the AHS sharing program. AHS is now open to qualified Anabaptist individuals who wish to enroll, while still offering a discounted rate for churches, ministries, and businesses who choose to join as a group.

AHS remains committed to its core vision of providing a hassle-free pleasant experience for all its members as it continues to serve the Anabaptist faith community.

The Team

Meet the Ones that Make AHS a Reality



Eldon Hochstetler

Eldon had a 30-year career as a licensed nursing home administrator, and has spent his life working in nonprofit organizations and international missions. Eldon is also an ordained Minister. His medical knowledge base, bill reduction supervision, and spiritual leadership are valuable assets to Anabaptist HealthShare.

Administrator and Accountant

Tim Zook

Tim handles member contributions, coordinates all accounting procedures, monitors financial solvency, and provides projections and recommendations in an effort to ensure Anabaptist HealthShare operates as a healthy ministry with exceptional customer service. He also serves as an assistant to Eldon in providing leadership and supervision for the organization. 

Patient Advocate

Kenny Stoltzfus

Kenny spends many hours negotiating medical bills for Anabaptist HealthShare members. The medical industry is accustomed to insurance companies and HCSM’s asking for discounts on behalf of their members. However, in order to obtain an “industry standard” discount, advocates must be experienced, patient, and persistent. This position is not for the faint of heart, but Kenny navigates it well, while maintaining a vibrant Christian testimony. 

Sales Manager

Anthony Hurst

Anthony spends most of his time representing AHS to churches, businesses, and individuals. This is done through live church or business presentations, emails, and phone calls. Anthony also heads up marketing and advertising in an effort to raise awareness, and to provide prospective members with the information they may need to select a healthcare sharing ministry. 



Tyler Hochstetler

Tyler and his law firm work alongside our organization in healthcare sharing ministry compliance. His firm focuses a key portion of its practice on this area of law, in addition to representing many Anabaptists in various legal matters. 

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We are recognized by the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services as a “Health Care Sharing Ministry”.

We are a 501(c)(3) public charity

We are a non-profit corporation.

We are a qualified ACA Exemption.